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Because the syndrome Bernhardt - Roth

ome of the unprecedented Risk Women Wearing Pants If Tight

Lately we often see women who wear tight pants, not without cause indeed. Reasons like fashion 'age' to good models can captivate. It is very attractive to women.

Pants like this are sold in the market, but reversed the question arises,

"Does wearing tight celanan not pose a risk to the woman?"

If you are already in a relationship with a man, real men do not like it if pasanggannya seen by another man. Read: 7 Things are not favored men from women. In addition, it could also arise other health risks.

There are some risks that may arise when a woman is too often wear tights.

Examples of Tight Pants
Examples of Tight Pants
5 Health Risks Women who Wearing Tight Pants

Here are five possible risk dialamai a woman if too often wear tights.

destructive Skin

Yeah, the fabric is too clung to the porters will make irritation. The woman was very concerned about appearance, but they also need to know about this. This is due to the friction of the fabric on the skin of the wearer, because too often.

Bad things that might happen, if the skin is broken, is not likely to be the gateway entry of various kinds of germs.

Blood circulation around the sex organs hampered

Because ceana tight, making the blood circulation around the thighs, selengkangan, and genitals become fluent. Poor blood circulation can create the verises.

Verises are enlarged veins (veins) due ketup abnormalities in the veins. Veins is the channel of the lower limbs to get back to the heart.

Because the syndrome Bernhardt - Roth

Bernhardt syndrome - Roth attacks the nerves outside of the thigh. If this syndrome develops, it could result in the case of an emphasis on one of the outer part of the thigh nerve.

The effects can be felt is numbness around the thigh, pain, or tingling.

Experiencing risk Candidiasis

Candidiasis is a fungal disease that is acute or subacute caused by Candida species, usually by Candida albicans and can be on the mouth, vagina, skin, nails, bronchi, or lungs, sometimes can cause septicemia, endocarditis, or meningitis.

Making Visible Body Shape Bottom Less Good

When wearing tights hollow body looks very beautiful, but what if it is opened?

If you wear high heels, can cause pelvic center shifted from the normal posture. Buttocks raised, but lower body pressure the greater because of the slope.


Tights are not everything, women can still look beautiful by wearing long skirts or pants or not tight.

If you include women who are less confident with color, you can try the tips to choose clothes according to skin color.

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