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Tips on Wearing Leather Jacket that Looks Fashionable

Tips on Wearing Leather Jacket that Looks Fashionable

1. Play with proportion
Pair leather jacket ( jaket kulit ) with shorts and ankle boots or you can also combine it with skinny pants and a crop top. Playing with proportions can make you look thinner. It would be better if you wear a cropped jacket with long socks and leggings. Try with different combinations of skirts, cropped pants, and oversized seater.

2. Graceful Style
Wear a beautiful dress under your leather jacket to look more sweet and graceful. Wearing a leather jacket with a feminine clothes can make you look stunning. Pair it with a maxi dress or lace mini dress.

3. Add Texture
You can add complementary clothing that has a texture like silk scarf, knit dress, and unique accessories that are trendy leather jacket to make you look more cool. If you want a more edgy look, wear turbans, studded T-shirt, or a stack of accessories. Blending texture is one way to create more stylish and attractive appearance.

4. Little Black Dress
Integrating a short dress with a leather jacket cool solid match. Nothing is more stylish and combines two classic than this cool item for casual events. If you have a leather jacket with the other colors, try to make it all black with memdukannya to complement other clothing.

5. Pair with Motif
Selecting a particular motif can represent your personality. Add your favorite jacket with your favorite patterned shirt. If you are not sure of the motives that are too large or crowded, you do not need to worry because the leather jacket to cover it but you could look remained cheerful and brave. Choose leopard motifs, stripes and flowers that look stunning with a leather jacket.

6. Integrate with Lingerie
Not only bra and panties that can be directly used with a leather jacket. Use stockings or socks with a skirt or dress. If you are less daring, try to match the bodice with skinny jeans or shorts high waisted. You will be sexy if direct wearing lingerie as outerwear but covered with a leather jacket.

7. Skin to Skin
One trend hits this season is to combine leather with leather. Leather pants, leather skirts and leather shorts can be a solid match the right to make the look more elegant. The trick to wearing leather head to toe is the play of texture, color, and proportion. You can also combine several colors such as wine-colored leather jacket with black leather leggings.

Because the syndrome Bernhardt - Roth

ome of the unprecedented Risk Women Wearing Pants If Tight

Lately we often see women who wear tight pants, not without cause indeed. Reasons like fashion 'age' to good models can captivate. It is very attractive to women.

Pants like this are sold in the market, but reversed the question arises,

"Does wearing tight celanan not pose a risk to the woman?"

If you are already in a relationship with a man, real men do not like it if pasanggannya seen by another man. Read: 7 Things are not favored men from women. In addition, it could also arise other health risks.

There are some risks that may arise when a woman is too often wear tights.

Examples of Tight Pants
Examples of Tight Pants
5 Health Risks Women who Wearing Tight Pants

Here are five possible risk dialamai a woman if too often wear tights.

destructive Skin

Yeah, the fabric is too clung to the porters will make irritation. The woman was very concerned about appearance, but they also need to know about this. This is due to the friction of the fabric on the skin of the wearer, because too often.

Bad things that might happen, if the skin is broken, is not likely to be the gateway entry of various kinds of germs.

Blood circulation around the sex organs hampered

Because ceana tight, making the blood circulation around the thighs, selengkangan, and genitals become fluent. Poor blood circulation can create the verises.

Verises are enlarged veins (veins) due ketup abnormalities in the veins. Veins is the channel of the lower limbs to get back to the heart.

Because the syndrome Bernhardt - Roth

Bernhardt syndrome - Roth attacks the nerves outside of the thigh. If this syndrome develops, it could result in the case of an emphasis on one of the outer part of the thigh nerve.

The effects can be felt is numbness around the thigh, pain, or tingling.

Experiencing risk Candidiasis

Candidiasis is a fungal disease that is acute or subacute caused by Candida species, usually by Candida albicans and can be on the mouth, vagina, skin, nails, bronchi, or lungs, sometimes can cause septicemia, endocarditis, or meningitis.

Making Visible Body Shape Bottom Less Good

When wearing tights hollow body looks very beautiful, but what if it is opened?

If you wear high heels, can cause pelvic center shifted from the normal posture. Buttocks raised, but lower body pressure the greater because of the slope.


Tights are not everything, women can still look beautiful by wearing long skirts or pants or not tight.

If you include women who are less confident with color, you can try the tips to choose clothes according to skin color.

Ways and Tips Fat Woman Dressed style that looks Enchanting

Ways and Tips Fat Woman Dressed style that looks Enchanting

 Basically, all the women were beautiful and had auranye own. Every woman can look stunning, whoever it is, even for women who have overweight or obese women.

 Unfortunately, there are still few women are aware of this. Try to Bacara makeup right way, you will agree that women are born with beautiful setap.

 Includes dress or dress, it turns out there is a way. I used to write tips to dress for a particular skin color, now I will share tips on how to dress nice for women who have more weight,

 Here are the tips.

 obese women clothing

 Avoid Clothing Elastic Model

 The first tip is, avoid models with elastic or rubber back. Why? because for women who are not obese was, in fact this model gives the impression that your body fat.

 Well, imagine if this model is used by women who are slightly overweight, of course he would look fatter again. From now on, you try to be careful and cautious in choosing clothes.

 Avoid clothing that Rame

 Yes, avoid clothes that have crowded impression, for example, is decorated with too many clothes. Or maybe the colorful clothes.

 Clothing types like this would make you not look graceful and elegant. Aura pretty women were covered by the crowds of clothing. If any-one, you will actually look tacky to wear.

 Preferably, gunakanan clothes with simple motifs.

 Avoid Clothing For Men

 Not that because of the size of the clothes that fit man, you buy clothes men. Or because the designs lure and attract your attention, you buy it. Menswear course adapted to men, if men's clothing worn by women, it will reinforce your shortcomings.

 Strange proportions

 This is not inevitable, but it's better you do not use it at all. Clothes like these are usually sold cheaply, because there are errors or defects.

 This is the kind of clothing such as underwear with odd proportions, such as a collar tilt, color faded clothes / dull, or perhaps long sleeve next.

 Clothing such as this will only make you put on weight.

 Use size Pas

 Do not for reasons of affection or low, you wear clothes or clothing that is not the size. Look for clothes that suit your body, besides you will feel comfortable, you also will feel confident.

 Do not buy something that makes you yourself uncomfortable.

5 Tips For Women Dress Dark Skinned

Sometimes, women who have dark skin it difficult to find clothes that fit him. If we are not observant, the clothes we buy it will only worsen the appearance.

If you want to keep getting the impression attractive in dress, consider the following tips to dress:

1. Using a light shirt color

Many say, that a person who has dark skin is not suitable to use bright colors. In fact, you can get an impression of an interesting contrast with the use of bright clothes.

Bright colors you wear can give the impression of "life" and not dull. Capitalize confidence, you definitely will look very attractive.

2. Using a soft color options

If you still lack the confidence to use bright colors, you can choose a soft color to your outfit. You will look more exotic and impressed "warm".

Colors such as beige, brown, and other soft colors will make you look more tempting if matching combined with your skin.

3. Wear shiny accessories

You can add accessories to beautify your appearance. Wear accessories such as silver and gold that will make you look more elegant and attractive.

4. Avoid the use of the following two colors

Dark green color and black should not be your choice of dress. These colors will only make you look dull and "dead". You can use gray color to make it look elegant.

5. Do not use too many dark colors

Using too many dark colors in clothing and accessories, will make you look less attractive appearance.

If you still want to use a dark color clothes, then a good idea to add a light-colored accessories that can offset your appearance.