Jumat, 26 Desember 2014

5 Tips For Women Dress Dark Skinned

Sometimes, women who have dark skin it difficult to find clothes that fit him. If we are not observant, the clothes we buy it will only worsen the appearance.

If you want to keep getting the impression attractive in dress, consider the following tips to dress:

1. Using a light shirt color

Many say, that a person who has dark skin is not suitable to use bright colors. In fact, you can get an impression of an interesting contrast with the use of bright clothes.

Bright colors you wear can give the impression of "life" and not dull. Capitalize confidence, you definitely will look very attractive.

2. Using a soft color options

If you still lack the confidence to use bright colors, you can choose a soft color to your outfit. You will look more exotic and impressed "warm".

Colors such as beige, brown, and other soft colors will make you look more tempting if matching combined with your skin.

3. Wear shiny accessories

You can add accessories to beautify your appearance. Wear accessories such as silver and gold that will make you look more elegant and attractive.

4. Avoid the use of the following two colors

Dark green color and black should not be your choice of dress. These colors will only make you look dull and "dead". You can use gray color to make it look elegant.

5. Do not use too many dark colors

Using too many dark colors in clothing and accessories, will make you look less attractive appearance.

If you still want to use a dark color clothes, then a good idea to add a light-colored accessories that can offset your appearance.

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